Talent Acquisition Services

Outside the Box has a high level of success at helping companies find employees for specific positions. These services are available nationwide, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Talent Acquisition Fee

Our typical fee arrangement is a percentage of the base compensation only. We tailor our fee structures to the needs of our clients, not to an industry standard. We will discuss your needs and develop a program that is cost effective.

In-Depth Reference Reviews

A 360-degree reference review is usually conducted with a superior, peer, and subordinate.

Performance Guarantee

Outside the Box guarantees the performance of the chosen candidate for the first 12 months of employment. If the chosen candidate leaves or is dismissed for any reason during the 12 month guarantee period, Outside the Box will conduct another search which is identical in all material respects as the original search to replace the chosen candidate at no extra charge. Sourced and calibrated candidates will be provided for the replacement of the original position in a timely manner. If the client does not choose a replacement candidate to move forward within a period of six months, a replacement fee will be charged for continuing the assignment.

Off Limits

Outside the Box agrees to not solicit or recruit any existing or future employees from our client partner. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this non-solicitation provision shall survive any termination or expiration of this agreement.

Weekly Talent Status Report

Formal written weekly reviews will be provided reflecting the progress and status of the search or searches. A weekly progress call can also be scheduled if preferred.

Needs Assessment & Performance Based Search Specification

We intend to gain a thorough understanding of the background, qualifications, credentials, and personal characteristics of the desired candidate; as well as completely understand your corporate culture and your overall strategy.

We will develop specific performance expectations for the new position. With this information, we will create a detailed career overview that will be used to market the opportunity.

Research & Initial Target List

The research phase includes database query and proprietary technology to extend the reach and the efficacy of the search, but it is primarily an original effort focused on the specifics of the search. In depth outreach to social media, industry associations, postings, and contacts will serve as a backup to the direct recruiting efforts to passive candidates.

Initial Contact & Screening

Based on the research and target list, all prospective candidates and sources will be contacted and screened for appropriate background, experience, and credentials. Each target will be asked for referrals in the event they do not have a personal interest.

Interview Questionnaire

The Interview Questionnaire is an in-depth, structured, behavioral interview with thought-provoking questions for the candidate to answer. This questionnaire is based on books, Top Grading by Bradford Smart and The Way of The Shepherd by Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak. Each candidate will be asked to complete the questionnaire and the results will be provided to you.