About Us

Founded in 2004, Outside the Box is unique in our approach to finding great talent for your team. Our involvement is extensive, and our passion for getting the right fit for your team is unequaled. We can hire for every possible position, from field sales to IT and everything in between.

Legendary Bell Ring
"Head Down, Dirt Flying"

One trait that sets us apart from the other talent acquisition companies is our commitment to learning your company's culture quickly so that we can source, calibrate, and engage the best candidates for the job. We work as an extension of your human resources and hiring management from inception to onboarding. Our unprecedented twelve month guarantee is our way of conveying our vested interest in finding professionals with the leadership skills you need to help your company grow.

All of our fees are reasonable, all-inclusive, and easily understood. So, when you are in need of quality human capital, it's time to think outside the box.